For Intellectual (Cognitive) Developement

"Tip139: April 2020 Coronavirus: Home Activities With Recycled Materials "
   April, 2020

Tip139: April 2020 – Coronavirus: Home Activities With Recycled Materials

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Rhoda Redleaf states in her book Teachables II that
“Young children learn through direct hands-on manipulation and repetition.
They learn best if they are at play and learning emerges as a by-product of
that play. By asking questions, helping to make associations between known
and unknown, and stimulating interest and curiosity through activities
offered, adults enhance imagination and the learning environment.”


1. Sniff Bottles: Squeeze bottles such as those that
mustard or ketchup comes in can be recycled for smelling
experiences. Put one of the following spices such as cloves, nutmegs,
cinnamon sticks into the washed container and snap the lid back on. Tape it
shut. When the bottle is squeezed the spice aroma will stimulate the
child’s senses.

2. Rainbow Shaker Bottle: Pour glitter and sequins into a
small water bottle then fill it with mineral oil. Hot glue the top on and
tape it.

3. Slow Motion Ocean: Fill a medium size water bottle half
full with water. Add a few full. Hot glue the top on and tape it shut. Turn
bottle on side and watch the waves roll on.

Cardboard Tubes

1. Tissue Box Robot: Paint the tissue box and 5 toilet
cardboard tubes. Cut 3 of them in half. Have the children tape 2 halves on
the top of the box, 2 halves as eye and 2 halves as arms of the robot. Tape
the last 2 whole ones as the robot’s legs. The children can put their hand
through the back of the tissue box to make the robot walk or dance.

2. Paper Towel Tube Person: 8 paper towel tubes will be
needed to make this person. The head and body will need 4 tubes and the
arms and legs will need 4 tubes. Use a paper punch to make holes in the
corner of all the tubes. Tie the body and head together with yarn. Have the
children make a face and hair on the top tube then tie the arms tubes onto
the first body tube and the leg tubes onto the fourth body tube to complete

3. Paper Towel Tube Marble Roll: Tape the tubes with
masking tape in a zig zag pattern on the wall with each end touching. Drop
a marble in the top tube and watch it travel down into a bucket. For two
children put the tubes side by side and have a race.

Boxes & Paper Bags

1. Blocks: To make blocks cut off the top of each milk or
juice carton and bend and slip

one inside the other. To make them sturdier fill one side with crushed

2. Trains: Cut milk or juice carton in half length wise.
Punch a whole in the top lip and

back to string yarn through each to form a train. Fill with small animals
and dolls.

3. Sail Boat: Cut through a milk or juice container on the
diagonal. Open and staple

spout ends closed. Make a slit on each side of the middle and insert a
paper plate as a sail. Place the boat in the water. When you blow on plate
it will sail the boat away.

4. Paper Bag Animals: Use brown paper grocery bags. Cut up
both sides to allow children’s arms to stick out. Cut out eye holes. They
will be high and close together. Have children decorate the bags with
animal’s faces with yarn, paper scraps and markers.

5. Lunch Bag Fish: Lay paper bag flat. Fold both closed
ends to the center and glue down to form fish face. Have children use
markers to decorate face with eyes and mouth and the rest of fish body.
Stuff the fish with newspaper. Tie the fish with yarn about 2 inches from
the open end to form fish tail.

Imagination adds richness to life by sharpening the senses. (D.G. &
J.L. Singer)