Thank you for all the feedback for Teaching with Heart!

“Lovingly drawn and rendered, ‘Teaching with Heart’ is terrific activities book for teachers and parents, but, more importantly, preschool age children and above. Both educational and entertaining, this one-of-a-kind and long overdue volume features age-appropriate learning activities with traditional nursery rhymes that delivers throughout by encouraging sensitivity, courtesy and morality, and language and literacy, and social, physical and emotional development of its young readers. I highly recommend this book to anyone involved with children.”

– Jeff Lenburg, Author 19 Children’s Books

Care Around The Clock/Hall Neighborhood House
Dr. Joyce Gerber the author of Teaching with Heart with some of the children from Care Around the Clock, Bridgeport, CT

Care Around The Clock/Hall Neighborhood House
Dr. Joyce Gerber author of Teaching with Heart, and Mona Brayboy Care Around the Clock Bridgeport, CT.

“Thank you for coming to our Care Around The Clock/Hall Neighborhood House. Everyone enjoyed your being here. The children with the sing along and the well of information you provided for our staff. Also I enjoyed just sitting around and getting to know you. Take care of yourself, Mrs. Gerber. Thank you for being you.”

– Mona Brayboy, Care Around the Clock Bridgeport, CT

“I thoroughly enjoyed Joyce Gerber’s new book “Teaching with Heart” I found the activities engaging for young children as well as developmentally appropriate. I was very impressed with the fact that the Nursery Rhyme activities hit on all the important domains for pre-schoolers.  The book is easy to use and any teacher or parent of young children would find it user friendly.  I also found the history of the Nursery Rhymes particularly interesting.  I highly recommend it for anyone interested in enriching their language development curriculum.”

– Michele Cohen - Weston, CT Instructor Housatonic Community College

“This Little Piggy” - Lorraine Iwaszkiewicz, Owner/Director Creative
Development, Trumbull, CT

“Collages” of “Mary Mary Quite Contrary.”
Creative Development, Trumbull, CT

“Rebus Chart” using pictures for words from “Jack & Jill Went Up The Hill.”
Creative Development, Trumbull, CT

“…received the book at the end of last week. It is fantastic. I think it would make a great gift for my teachers for Teacher Appreciation week and would like to order several copies.”

– Lorraine Iwaszkiewicz – Owner/Director Creative Development Day Care Trumbull, CT

Laya jumps over a candle stick!
Layla jumps over a candle stick!
Rock Creek Preschool in Bullhead, South Dakota
David made his own Humpty Dumpty
David made his own Humpty Dumpty.
Rock Creek Preschool in Bullhead, South Dakota

“…It’s lovely. I liked the design of it with the spiral binding – very user friendly. I will definitely put your ideas to use when we do our Nursery Rhyme Unit…”

– Debra Grayeagle – Preschool Teacher Lakota Head Start Program

McLaughlin, South Dakota

“This book will be a very useful addition to our story time resource collection.”

– Lois Brodie – Children’s Librarian Ridgewood New Jersey Public Library

“…A beautiful book…I will enjoy it, and hopefully Anetka (child’s name) will too.”

– Zuzana Sliepkova - Mother Olomouc, Czech Republic

“The books arrived yesterday… I used one of them with my 4-year old grandson.   Do you know after reciting Humpty Dumpty (the king’s men was a difficult concept) … later on what he remembered was the little mouse carrying the medical kit to ‘put Humpty back together again.’ Children are amazing…”

– Jean Gallinelli - Grandmother Southport, CT

“I just popped into the book festival to see ‘Teaching with Heart.’ It’s gorgeous, both in words and pictures.  The messages are so meaningful; it should be required for all early childhood educators.”

– Andi Kronzek - Mother Rockville, Maryland

“I enjoyed your visit as much as the kids did!  What a fun time.  I love your book and your passion.  Come back next year. (Meet the Author – Park City Library)”

– Heather Reynolds - Children’s Librarian Park City, Utah

“It expresses the same opinion I have in how to teach things or how to spend time with children in a useful and enjoyable way.  Could I send you Euros… for two more books?”

– Astrid Buzin - Mother Potsdam, Germany

“‘Teaching with Heart’ introduces another generation of parents and teachers to the almost magical impact of nursery rhymes on very young children. This attractive book discusses activities that enhance children’s growth and development in all domains while emphasizing play-based learning and adult-child interactions that build relationships along with skills. The content is easy to follow, developmentally appropriate, visually appealing, and just plain fun.”

– Laurie R. Noe, Ed.D Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator,

Housatonic Community College – Bridgeport, CT

“I love Dr. Gerber’s book “Teaching with Heart.” It provides fun learning activities that parents, educators, and librarians can easily incorporate into storytimes involving nursery rhymes. The spiral binding makes it ideal for the storytime format and I highly recommend that other libraries add it to their collections. There is also a nice history of the nursery rhymes provided at the end of the book.”

– Dan Compton - Assistant Director Summit County Library Park City, Utah

“…I can not believe the book…that is so cool! This is, without a doubt, one of the most unique and appropriate gifts we have gotten. “

– Nicole Roffe - New Mother Brooklyn, NY

“It was such a pleasure to meet you and hear you sing. You are very gifted and we were very fortunate to have you come to our museum. The children really seemed to enjoy themselves.”

– Wendy Murphy–Resource Center Specialist Stepping Stones

Museum for Children Norwalk, CT